Exploring 2014 China Open, Kinds of Dramatic Tents

It’s a pity that we got the news of Li Na’s retirement before the 2014 China Open. On September 19th,2014, Chinas two-time Grand Slam winner Li Na, declared to retire in her blog, she had to quit the games and end up her tennis career because of the recurring knee problem, so she won’t participate in Wuhan Open and China Open.

This is a regrettable news that people will not see Li Na in the games anymore, but this China Open is still brilliant: Andy Murray return back to the China Open after four years, together with Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal,will be the strongest matches in the history of the Men’s Singles in China Open; the new winner of Men’s Singles in US Open will attend the Game in Beijing,has the another twinkling superstar of Grand Slam. In the Women’s matches, we will see the top10 stars such as Serena Williams, Sharapova, Petra Kvitova. Two days ago in the retirement press conference, Li Na said she will make a formal farewell to her fans on September 30, this also the big watching point, let’s witness Li Na’s farewell with her beloved fans and beloved tennis.

In 2014 China Open, tents inside and outside the stadium are very striking, there are also the highlights of China Open.

The Arcum Tents in the audience security entrance are special with a modern smooth roof. The Double Decker Tents are high-class and luxurious, used as the restaurant which provides 200% space to accommodate more people for dining. Pagoda tents For VIP entrance are beautiful and elegant which match the distinguished identity of VIP. The classical & reliable A-shaped tents are used for medical stations, work offices and ticket offices. All tents for China Open are sponsored exclusively by Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd.

kinds of dramatic tents

Pagoda tents

Double Decker Ten

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