Fire Fighting, Let the Fire Harzard Far Away Life

On December 30, 2013, 4 o’clock, Zhuhai Liri Tent technology co; ltd carried on fire knowledge training, in order to raise the whole staff fire prevention safe consciousness, prevents accidents before they occur. The attendance includes all staffs from production and office.

The fire protection lives in us is ubiquitous, this training has significance as fire control class, let more staffs understand more specialized fire knowledge, they had understood in the liver caused the fire source.

When the fire hazard happens, people who have been grasping escaping methods to help ourselves as well as others, they knew how the fire extinguisher and use the gas mask correctly, and other specialized fire security knowledge.

A series of alarmed fire scene pictures set examples to let the whole personnel who attends the training realizing profoundly the importance of the fire hazardous nature.

It is obvious that life without fire hazard is a happy life, it is achievable after we knowing well about fire control in our life.

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