Golf Tents on the PGA Tour’s BMW Championship

In September 2013 at Conway Farms Golf Club in Lake Forest, Ill., more than 130,000 golf enthusiasts gathered to watch 70 finalists play one of the oldest games around, hosted by one of the oldest golf organizations in the United States. The association has called on a tent rental company similar to Liri Tents to provide tents for the event.

The company provided 65 tents for the tournament, totaling more than 100,000 square feet, including the BMW Owners’ Pavilion, which needed a unique look. For the pavilion, the tent rental a 15–by–25–meter Clearspan tent, with custom glass on three sides, one hard–wall side, a thermo–inflatable roof, custom hard gutter system and custom valance around the top of the structure to establish client branding. The glass was installed horizontally to give the structure a unique cube-like look. The majority of the remaining tents had ceiling liners, and the crew installed glass walls and doors on many of the clear spans to give the clients clear sight lines of the tournament.

Tents company played a crucial role in the success of the event, but also set the standard of how tents company approach and bid specific golf tournaments. What’s worth mentioning is that Liri Tents’ event tent, double-decker tent also have been applied to golf events in the past.

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