Graduation Ceremony in the Ceremony Tent Video

July is the month for graduation, many universities will hold ceremonies for this. Among them, One college celebrated it in a special way. They held the ceremony in a 40x60m large event tent for the graduation ceremony on the outside playground. The tent was a unique place for parties for all graduates. The front side of the tent was printed with the school logo and ceremony theme, the other three sides were decorated with a clear glass wall.

Holding their graduation ceremonies in the large ceremony tents have been the most memorable experience for all the graduates. During the day, the president made a speech and grant the academic degree and certificate for 547 Bachelors and 159 Masters and then took a photo with each other. In the evening, they had a party in the ceremony tent.

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  1. I would like to be quoted this tent please. I wish to include a luxury lining. I have metal bars so no need to include them.
    Thank you.

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