Greet the New Year With Happiness and Joy

On December 28th,2010, the factory of Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd. used a 15x30m tent for a fellowship party. The Senior Managers and Single Personnel from Zhuhai Liri Tent and San Technology Inc. were invited to this party. Thanks to the support from the executives of these two companies, the party went very well. The party included several funny games after the hosts’ congratulatory speech and firecrackers.

In the beginning, the NO. 1 male and the female guest was invited to introduce themselves. Those present at the event showed their enjoyment through cheers and applause. Afterward, one of our staff members, Liu Zhihu, sang the song “What’s left for you?” by Sun Nan, which brought a romantic feel to the party. After enjoying the several games at the event like standing up with hands fastened, blow up balloons with one foot, rabbit dancing,etc.,the boys and girls tried to make friends with each other by exchanging roses. As a result, more than 20 couples were matched.

Everyone enjoyed the party and many stayed until it was over. At the end of the event, the boys and the girls gave their greetings and best wishes to each other for the 2011 year. The party was a success and it brought a meaningful relationship between the two companies.

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