How to have a tent wedding?

Now outdoor weddings have become a popular trend, and this special atmosphere is obviously more suitable for contemporary young people who pursue extraordinary wedding experiences. No one can refuse a fairy tale-like romantic wedding, seems like the movie scene is in front of your eyes. This is not just a formality, but also a real enjoyment of the wedding that belongs to the couple.

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There are various outdoor wedding scenes, such as lawn, beach, country, and so on. In order to avoid bad weather and other reasons, wedding tents have become an indispensable element. A good tent can decide the feeling of the wedding because the sense of beauty and experience determine the atmosphere of the wedding.

LIRI has been manufacturing wedding tent structures for nearly 30 years and has developed a variety of wedding tent designs covering almost the whole market. The tents structure includes Cube, A shape, Arcum, Dome High Peak, etc. The customer can according to the style of the wedding and the number of guests decide which one is more suitable.

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Our wedding tents can be customized according to the environment and ground space. We had the professional team can design accurately plan the tent size; accommodate corridors, seats, dining tables, platform, and other spaces. It can also solve the need for temporary toilets, kitchens, waiting rooms, and dressing rooms, creating a fully functional space for outdoor weddings.

LIRI framework is hard pressed extruded aluminum 6061/T6 (15HW) and the Cover is PVC-coated polyester textile as the main material of the tent. This not only has excellent high-strength performance but also has the characteristics of UV protection, heat insulation, and fire retardant which solves the problem of safety guarantee. Besides, we also provide accessories for wedding tents, such as flooring, tables and chairs, lighting systems and air-conditioning etc, to meet the various needs of customers.

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