I Want To Invite You To Listening Music In Music Tents

A music festival was opened in the Bird’s Nest south plaza by the “FangYang” commune on 6th August, which chimes in with the world carnival party of the Rio’s opening ceremony. This concert has become the largest music festival in Beijing this summer. There are not only the strongest star lineup and behind-the-scenes crew for this music festival, but also the indispensable music festival tents.
Music In Music Tents
Music Tent is one of the most common temporary building for the music festival, because its requirement of the building site is low, and the installation is easy that can be set up in a short time. What’s more, in terms of light settings and distribution, compare to the hotel and other concrete buildings, the music tent is more flexible, which can also change its shape according to the requirement of the concert.

The aluminum tent is the most common and popular type of music festival tents. There are varied designs of the aluminum tents, except the A shape tent, there are also an arm tent, pagoda tent, half sphere tent, and double-decker tent etc.
Mini Pagoda tent
In terms of materials, aluminum music festival tent adopts the reinforced aluminum alloy, capable of withstanding the 12-grade typhoon. Tent cover material is waterproof. Regarding the tent accessories, there are a glass wall, ABS wall, glass door, VIP flooring system, lighting, furniture and other variety of accessories for optional.

As China’s most professional supplier of aluminum tents, Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd. has provided many cost-effective music festival tents for a variety of musical events and musical talent shows, such as The Voice of China, Boao music BBS etc.

LIRI music festival tents can create a high-end, marvelous and splendid music events for you!

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