Let’s Get Together In Next Year’s Equestrian Masters

Legendary veteran’s perfect performance makes the Equestrian Masters more brilliant.

In the afternoon of October 25th,after fierce competition,the champions of the BMW Classic and LONGINES Masters have been settled,which are grand operas in LONGINES Equestrian Beijing Masters 2015. The well-known rider Ludger Beerbaum who be thought as the “father of the German equestrian” achieved his goal that won the crown of LONGINES Masters 2015 after five years. And Susan Shortt with Yulong got the title of BMW Classic. In the previous match,a young pathbreaker Zhao Zhonghe with his partner horse won the Challenge,because of their excellent performance. The Club Championship was got by the Knight Union.

Strength + Luck + perfect match between man and horse = Championship

Extra match is always the best part in any international Equestrian Masters. In this session,the riders with their horses have to sprint,not only cross all the obstacles successfully,but also keep speed to save time. The intensity of this years Equestrian Masters is ever met before. 9 riders didn’t get penalty points,the time difference of the 1st and 9th is only has 5 seconds. It’s only has 0.79 seconds’ gap between the top five. As Ludger Beerbaum said after the match,if you want to win the crown,it does not only require the rider’s ability and the cooperation with their horses,but also need a little luck. This year,Lady Luck finally favored him,he and his horse Leonidas won the crown with 37.1 seconds and no penalty score in Bird’s Nest.

Beautiful Scenery – LIRI tents

In the past three days’ intense competitions,the riders showed many brilliant matches to audience. Let us enjoy the worlds best riders on horseback galloping jump elegance.

In the arena,LIRI tents form a beautiful landscape with uniform white Double Decker Tents and Pagoda Tents,which not only highlights the elegant equestrian sport,but also provides a 360-degree viewing angle for spectators. Liri Tent as the tents supplier of the Equestrian Masters,all tasks were finished perfectly,which ensured the smooth progress of this grand event. Let’s meet in 2016!

Equestrian masters High Peak Double Decker Tent Sports venues High Peak Double Decker Tent indoor

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