LIRI and CRG Build a ‘Five-Star’ Campsite

Smoke straight up on vast desert, setting sun reflected on the yellow river. Racers are entering Ejinaqi campsite quickly, helicopters which responsible for photography are flying in the sky constantly, the busy Ejinaqi campsite is lively like pre-war military base. Many tents which are from Liri have been set up in advance and waiting for the people who are tired out.

The tents from Liri Tent is a special beautiful scenery for the first session of China Grand Rally, as an official exclusive tents supplier and sponsor of China Grand Rally, Liri Tent plays an important role building special culture atmosphere for China Grand Rally Review pass China Grand Rally in China. Campsite construction is very humble, one day, even a strong wind blew a roof cover of simple toilet away. Now the tents on campsite provide a convenient and comfortable space for people. There are salon rest tents for friends gathering, entertainment tents for activities, catering tents for lunch and dinner. All officials, racers, and personnel feel satisfied on these movable tents, even foreign nationality race director Mr. Oriol gave the “Five-Star” good comments to our tents. They also made an agreement that the campsite facilities on the first session of China Grand Rally overtake Dakar.

The campsite is one of the core symbols of long distant cross-country race that comparing with other races. To make a comment on whether the race is professional enough, successful enough, campsite planning, construction, management are very key aspects. And tents application is a successful breakthrough for China Grand Rally.

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