Liri Bring You Into A Magic World In The Event Tent

Liri Bring You Into A Magic World In The Event Tent

From Sep. 13th to Oct 9th, a magic show party created by Las Vegas international creative team –DAXIN LALUNA·interstellar magic show will hold in Zhongshan City Daxin business conference hotel plaza.
event tent

The theme of the “ The Star Magic Show” is novel star science fiction fairy tales, and showing the audience ultimate dream and artistic masterpiece.  The organizers make a huge investment to build a 13,000 sqm “super interstellar theater”.


The “ super interstellar theater” is supplied by LIRI TENT, and using the 50m clear span tent, 60m length, and 10m height tent, it can accommodate 2500 audience at the same time.

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The tent fabric outside is white, and the inside black, the clean white fabric can provide a high potential for the different design. Using the light effect, it will lead you into a magic world before you enter the theater. For the Black inside fabric, it provides a perfect performance environment and bring a better visual experience to the audiences.

big event tent

13m truss system stage and 20x20m stage, which can have a better arrangement and usage for a variety of props and provide more space for the actors. The audience can have aa magic dream viewing experience here.

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