Liri Customers Enjoy the Year of the Goat, Tent Business Flourishes in the New Year

How time flies, the year of the Horse is about to run past us, accompanied by the sound of firecrackers the year of the goat is coming toward us, in this time of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, Liri Tent would like to take the chance to send our warmest greetings to our old and new customers and fans who have paid much attention to Liri Tent!

The about to past year is a “horse galloping” year for the development of Liri Tent. In this year, Liri Tent still hold on to the principle of providing customers with the best quality service, and keeps reforming, innovation and adopting new technologies, which have won much praise from new and old customers of Liri Tent; In this year, Liri Tent has become the tent supplier for China Grand Rally, China Open Tennis Tournament, China Cup International Regatta, China Tour Hong Kong Jockey Club Cup Guangzhou Final, HongKong Wine and Dining Festival etc. In this year, Liri Tent has expanded her production plant to 100,000 square meters creating a world-class high-quality tents base.

To accomplish such achievements, all the staff of Liri Tent spares no efforts to fight. Of course, thanks to the support from our customers, these achievements will be impossible to be obtained if without your supports. In this special occasion of welcoming the new year, Liri Tent extends special New Years blessing to all the friends! We wish you a flourishing business, a happy life, good health and happy mood through the whole year of the goat!

liri tent New Year

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