Liri Double Decker Tent Wins “The Beauty of Made in China” Innovation Award

2015 The Beauty of Made in China (Guangzhou) Annual Awards was held in Guangzhou Westin Pazhou Hotel. Liri Arcum Double Decker Tent along with other products selected from 2600 competing quality products had accepted their awards which represent forefront quality trophy and certificates.

Based on arcum tent structure, Liri Arcum Double Decker Tent is an innovative new design conformed to the structure principle of Double Decker, with nice appearance and arched roofline. Also, double-decker can help to expand the “active area” when the actual area is limited, and arcum structure makes your events to be a modern and high class, when in large events, temporary exhibitions, especially large sports events.

The Beauty of Made in China collects over 2600 products within the 3.3million Chinese enterprises. The Organizing Committee of domestic product design experts and international large purchasing agents will evaluate products based on the following standards: product process, performance, industrial design, market performance and so on, and select the best products that can represent the quality of made-in-China.

With the best design concept of the world, Liri Tent R&D group always keep the request of “flexibility, aesthetics, and safety” in mind. After 9 month’s innovation, Liri Tent improve the interchangeability of arcum tent, changing arcum roof shape into A-shape tent easily, which help our customers save the cost. Also, this design acquires the China national patent with patent No.: ZL201520433483.4. Liri Tent is your best choice of events for world-class events and international sports

golf outdoor Double Decker Tent

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