LIRI Oktoberfest Tent for Beer Carnival

LIRI Oktoberfest Tent for Beer Carnival

The three biggest prestigious Oktoberfest in the world is Munich Oktoberfest、London beer festival and American beer festival in Denver, they are well-known abroad which are the place every beer drinkers should go to at least once, Europe’s beer experts said.

China’s Beer Festival

The earliest Beer Festival began from the Qingdao Beer Festival in 1991, which has been held for 25 sessions; Dalian”China International Beer Festival” is also held 17 sessions; Harbin Beer Festival is held the 28th, as well as the rest of the Beijing Oktoberfest, Jilin Oktoberfest, Tianjin Oktoberfest, Xi’an Oktoberfest. Beer Festival as a gourmet festival, includes food, performances, entertainment, carnival and so on. Liri Tent has provided large tents for Qingdao Beer Festival, Harbin Beer Festival, Beijing Oktoberfest, Tianjin Oktoberfest, Jilin Oktoberfest, etc., we work together to build a wonderful beer event.

oktoberfest tent

Qingdao International Beer Festival

The 26th Qingdao International Beer Festival will be opened on August 13, Liri Tent has been provided Oktoberfest tents for the Qingdao Beer Festival for 10 consecutive years, nearly 10,000 square meters of the Oktoberfest tents, as always it retains the features of red and white alternate, blue and white alternate fabric colors. Different from the previous years, this year we introduce a unique double deck high peak tent as the main venue of the beer festival. The side height is 8 meters, and it is divided into upper and lower layers, with a total area of 2,300 square meters, offers visitors ample drinking space.

beer tents

Harbin Beer Festival

With western forests, wetlands, beaches, Harbin beer festival uses the large beer tents as the main venues, combining with the theatrical performances, drinking and other forms of competition, create a romantic, passionate, beautiful, carnival Harbin International Beer Festival. Harbin Beer Festival occupies 400,000 square meters, with 12 beer tents halls from liri 50m clear span, which is the biggest ever in China.

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Beijing Oktoberfest

Beijing Beer Festival held in Beijing Olympic Park, which attracted thousands of people drink in Beijing. Beijing Oktoberfest venue covers an area of about 70,000 square meters, which has four themed big tents, namely: Munich Oktoberfest big tent, Royal beer big tent, Sisi princess big tent, Neuschwanstein big tent. Liri 50m clear span Oktoberfest tents are working with Munich again.

outdoor oktoberfest tent

Jilin Oktoberfest

In the bright Jilin snow Oktoberfest tent, people are sitting on a bench and drinking freely with great joy, with the table filled with delicious dishes. Each tent has a stage, regular broadcast programs. There are fashion dance, lyrical folk village, and even traditional performance from Northeast of China.

indoor oktoberfest tent

As the leader of China tent industry, Liri has 37 product series, providing you with personalized and customized services, while providing a one-stop shop service, such as lining curtain, air conditioning, flooring, carpet, stage, lighting, etc.

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