LIRI TENT 20 Years, Keep Exploring, Keep Growing

Start from the heart, act firmly as the stone. LIRI TENT sticks to one thing and keeps doing the best for 20 years — focus on the design and development of outdoor tents, dedicated to each part of the process, providing infinitely close to the perfect temporary space solution.

CNC shearing machine CNC

In this 20 years, LIRI TENT constantly establishes, standardize and improve the technical standards and quality management system. The first to introduce CNC machining center, the German imports of the washing machine, CNC cutting processing center, continuous high-frequency heat sealing machine tool processing center, achieve the aluminum alloy automated processing and PVC tarpaulin CNC cutting integration, to ensure that the precision machining accuracy and stable processing quality.

Aluminum alloy material

In this 20 years, we have trained a well-developed R & D team, adhere to the development of new structures, materials, processing technology, committed to more efficiently providing more secure, comfortable and convenient temporary space solutions for our customers. From the original single folding tent to the later pagoda tent, arcum tent, half sphere tent, polygonal tents, three-story tents and complete tents supporting system. “How to make our temporary structure in the premise of both practicality more aesthetic” is the subject that we have been exploring all the time.

transparent huts Various types of tent.

Only with the continuous expansion of the team, long-term focus, accumulation breakthrough, and the firm strength rooted in the heart for 20 years, could see the results from quantitative change to qualitative change today. Except a number of products to obtain patents, LIRI TENT also won the National High Tech Enterprises, Guangdong Province Famous Brand, Guangdong Province Brand-Name Products Award. The service customers around the major domestic and foreign industries,has become the domestic industry leader in outdoor tents, which laid a good foundation for LIRI TENT in the next day 20 years. Keep exploring, keep growing.

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