Liri Tent Accessories Beautiful and Hardwearing Composite Wood Flooring

Liri Tent wood flooring is laid on an aluminum alloy beam, to ensure floor leveling and load-bearing. The wood flooring with its modular structure has a floor length of 2.5m and 1.25m wide. Its waterproof plywood has a thickness of 21 mm. The wood floor weight is 60kg and the color is that of a natural wood grain.
The wood floor structure:
-Tents wooden floor load-bearing ground beam: special aluminum alloy profiles, rust-free, beautiful, and no deformation.
-Tents wooden floor with double-sided coated waterproof plywood: decorative wood layer wear fire board and embossing and has a good moisture-slip effect.
-Tents wooden flooring edging around the aluminum extrusions: beautiful and durable without deformation.
Tents wooden floor advantages:
-Natural beauty with the perfect fusion of nature
-No pollution substances and the wood is typically a green product
-Light and strong
-Easy to process and utilize
-Good insulation and very high thermal conductivity of the concrete
-To adjust the temperature and the wood floor can be absorbent and evaporated
-Durable, shock and corrosion resistant to the wood processing technology is not inferior to other building materials
Tent wooden flooring is used when:
-the ground is not level
-modified rough concrete
-outdoor mud, grass, or sand
– internal ground decorations

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