Liri Tent And 125th Canton Fair

LIRI TENT has been as Canton Fair tent supplier since 2001. This year, we continue to build 70,000sqm outdoor exhibition tents for Canton Fair. The exhibition tents provided by Liri Tent can protect from the wind and rain and can be provided by the accreditation center, aisles, temporary exhibition hall, security check, catering etc.

Liri Tent And 124th Canton Fair

LIRI TENT always keeps the best attitude to provide the best service for each session of Canton Fair as the exhibitor, we will keep participating in the first phase and the third phase. Welcome to our booth. LIRI TENT will bring you new impressions and experiences, to provide you with the perfect solution for temporary space.

Canton Fair tent supplier since

Dear Customers,

LIRI TENT will attend the 125th Canton Fair first phase and the third phase, you are welcome to visit our booth and look forward to your cooperation and communication!

Canton Fair tent

Phase 1 Date: 15th to 19th April

Booth No. 9.2M18

Phase 3 Date: 1st to 5th May

Booth No. 3.2N17

Liri Tent And 125th Canton Fair

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