Liri Tent Boost China Cross Country Rally Perfect Curtain Call

2013 China Cross Country Rally after the 15th of intense competition, makes a successful conclusion on September 29 in Dunhuang, Gansu. This off-road race known as the Chinese version of “Dakar” is the worlds longest and most difficult challenge events. The provision of logistical support brand strength is strictly demanded to match the special requirements. Liri Tent, the tent industry-leading brand, who keep overcoming various difficulties, makes a successful completion for the event logistical support with professional performance, joining together with the tournament organizing committee and the country’s top cross-country riders to staged extremely exciting visual feast for all the audience. Its high quality and performance are highly praised by the tournament organizing committee and professional riders.

In July, Liri Tent learned that there will be situation of a long across geography,caprocous environmental landscape if the race is conducted primarily in the Midwest of our country. After several times of internal discussion and studying, Liri tent company found that this race will go through desert,desert,wilderness,rivers,valleys and other landforms so he immediately make a careful selection of big tents,party tents,pagoda tents and other tents for events command center,media center,dining and entertainment center and a salon for the tournament organizing committee. During tournament progress, Liri Tent arranges two teams to build the tents, which has ensured the smooth progress of the tournament.

As a leading brand in the outdoor industry, Liri Tent keeps making highest quality products with a low-key attitude. Liri Tent, insisting on using the latest technology materials and basing on the continuous innovation by research and development department, researchers and develops stylish, high-quality,multi-functional outdoor tents. According to the market demand for a variety of outdoor products, Liri Tent pushes out highly characteristic tents. As Liri Tent general manager Leung said,”To create a comfortable tent with a high cost for the large-scale outdoor sporting events, so that more people can easily experience a healthy outdoor life, is what Liri Tent has been pursued.”

In recent years, Liri Tent initiatives by sponsoring a number of major domestic sports marketing, such as the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games,2011 Shenzhen Universiade,2013 World Badminton Championships in Guangzhou, hand in hand in Guangzhou, Zhuhai marathon, Zhuhai International Racing Festival, Le Mans International Racing Festival, etc. This has triggered unprecedented public attention and hotly debated for outdoor sports.

As Chinas leading brand intent industry,Liri tent assumes the lead responsibility for the popularization of outdoor sports,well received the recognition and praised by the market and the industry,but also establish a good benchmark for image and accumulated a wealth of experience for major sports events activities; which has laid the foundation for the development of tent industry.

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