Liri Tent Builds Comfortable Racers’ Home for CGR

Yesterday, the second China Grand Rally (CGR) 2014 officially started at the foot of the Badaling Great Wall in Beijing. Each team passed by the start stage in turn. Su Wenmin and Zhou Tian are the first to start off, from the defending champion Jincheng Motorcycle. As to the automobile group, it was also the French racer Christian, who is from the defending champion team- Harvard. And the defending champion Zhou Yong was the second to start, representing the Health 100•Perfect China•Team of Braveness. And then, the racers drove 743km to reach a campsite in the KuBuJi Qi Xing Lake desert park.

So far,CGR is the most difficult and the longest domestic cross-country race in the world, which is known as “Chinas Dakar”. This year rally game will last for 13 days, driving through Badan Jaran, Kubuqi, Tengger Desert, in addition, the racers will also experience the extreme natural environmental challenges, such as Gobi desert, grasslands, river valley and so on. The total mileage is about 6,500km, and more than 10 special section accumulated mileage of 2,500km. The destination is Dunhuang, Gansu province.

Extreme natural surroundings are not only crucible for the racers, but also a big challenge for the organization of the whole event, especially for the construction of the campsite. Liri Tent gained good popularity from the host for its excellent and professional performance for last rally game, and is well known as “movable temporary building expert”.  Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 1997, with years’ tent manufacturing experience and professional installation team, and It is the tent supplier for big events such as Guangzhou Asian Games, Shenzhen Universiade Games, Zhuhai Half Marathon, LashanDesert Challenge and so on. All the hosts are satisfied with Liri Tent, therefore, this year Liri Tent go on offering tents for the campsite of Rally Games.

This morning, the racers competed for SS1, from Lang Shan Pao to Baragon. Liri Tent has waited for the racers to come back home at the campsite. Now, let’s cheer for these brave men!

Liri Tent

Liri Tent builds Comfortable Racers

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