Liri Tent Can Resist 8 Magnitude Sandstorm

At about 21:00 pm on August 22, a large 8-magnitude sandstorm hit the camp of China Cross Country Rally in Ejin Banner. All the people were forced to make an emergency evacuation preparation, but Liri big tents there were not subject to the influence of this sand, still standing steadfastly in the camp of Ejin Banner.

This sudden tent hit the 5th big camp with strong winds wrapped dust filled the sky, a sudden drop in temperature and visibility. The Organizing Committee organized the contestants emergently to evacuate. Liri on-site maintenance staffs did not dismantle all the tents, just removed some small folding advertising tents and European designed peak tents. The large tents for restaurant, salons, entertainment, media center were not dismantled at that time. Within half hour,15 Liri on-site maintenance staffs made emergency reinforcement for all big tents which still stand steadfastly under the severe weather of 8 Sandstorms.

According to what the business manager Mr. Leung said, who is responsible for the site work, Liri tents are made of hard press extruded anodized aluminum alloy combined with high-end PVC textile which can resist 8 to 10-magnitude winds with accurate fixing way. Liri tents were not dismantled in advance when this sandstorm came and protected all the racing teams of China Cross Country Rally smoothly setting out from this site. All the tents on this site will be normally removed on 23rd of August in accordance with the requirements of the organizing committee.

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