Liri Tent Covers Outdoor Christmas Promotional Campaign

Christmas is on the way. Didn’t you sense the atmosphere of Christmas all around? Why not go out with your loved one and your family on this special date? Just hang out and enjoy the Christmas promotional campaigns.

Liri Tent can offer thousands of different sizes and various styles aluminum clear span tent products which is popular used for party and various business events,such as high peak tent,TFS curve tent,round tent,geodesic dome tent,and so on. The tent in our company is a modular structure. The clear span width is 3m to 60m. There is no limit for lineal length and it can be increased and decreased by 3m or 5m bay. Compared with the traditional tent structure and building,there is no poles inside our clear span aluminum tent which helps you fully use the space inside the tent. Because of this feature,you can decorate your Christmas party freely. Also,Liri Tent can be used in different situations. Offer us a place,we can set up a strong and durable tent for your event by different fixation methods. Besides,our tent is easy to be installed and dismantled. It will just take a couple of hours to set the tent up.

What’s more,to create a unique and cozy event,only the tent structure is not enough. Liri Tent can offer you a full line of optional accessories to decorate the tent,such as furniture,lighting,roof lining,sidewall curtains,carpet,and so on.

In the winter day,Liri Tent performs quite well no matter what the weather is. Our tent can resist the wind speed as much as 120km/h,snow loading is 25kg/m2 – 75kg/m2. Made of high quality aluminum frame,Liri Tent can be equipped with glass walls or hard walling system which makes it strong and stable enough under the heavy snow and strong wind,even the severe weather. Besides,Liri Tent have many humanized designs to meet the demands of our clients. For example in the freezing cold weather,Liri Tent can offer you different kinds of heating system to ensure your events can goes well.

Liri Tent is a leading company in manufacture,sales,and rental of aluminum clear span structure tent systems for two decades. Considering an outdoor tent for Christmas promotional campaign? Liri Tent is your best choice.

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