Liri Tent Donated Tent Schools for Earthquake-Stricken Areas in Yaan

At 8:02 on April 20th,2013, the town of Yaan, Sichuan Province had an earthquake of 7.0. The earthquake brought in heavy amounts of casualties, property damage, and homelessness, so tents became very useful in this area. When Liri Tent heard about this catastrophe and learned that they needed tents we decided on behalf of all employees to donate three sets of 6mx9m aluminum tents. Five years before, in 2008, Liri Tent gave a helping hand to another area in Sichuan Province that was devastated by a major earthquake.
The disaster relief tents are made of high strength aluminum alloy, and tarpaulin flame retardant double-sided PVC synthetic fiber cloth. The tents are easy to construct and dismantle. The tents are very resistant to earthquakes, wind, and rain because it uses Aluminum PVC structure,anti-wind power, and water-resistant performance. The disaster relief tents can be used for tent schools, tent hospitals, warehouse tents, and temporary offices.
After the earthquake, schools, houses, hospitals, and other buildings were severely damaged or destroyed. Many students could not go to school, many people were left homeless, and many were injured but could not be relocated. So Liri Tent donated many tents that could be used for schools and warehouses for relief supplies. We sent tents to the earthquake-stricken area as soon as possible and rushed in a technician with a tent for the disaster emergency area.

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