Liri Tent for Logistic Warehousing

Liri storage tents have the most professional technology to subvert the traditional tents concept. The logistics warehouse tent series is a unique high-end tent design. The main framework of the tents is pieced together using aluminum alloy assembly, according to the size of the venue span. The selection of venue span is anything from 3m to 60m and there is no limit in the stitching.

The storage tent walls are available in the color steel fireproof rock wool sandwich panel wall or PVC canopy. Liri warehouse tents are equipped with ventilation systems, drainage systems, and lighting systems. This will then ensure the storage room’s air circulation, silent type ventilator, ventilation windows, and ventilation facilities will be installed within the canopy. Lighting systems, complete warehouse tent power cords, switch, switch boxes, lamp, and other lighting equipment. To make the tents safer, we have created the tents with lightning protection system and drainage facilities.

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