Liri Tent Has Witnessed a Half of the China Grand Rally

China Grand Rally(GCR) has experienced the longest contest in this tournament in 22nd Sept. By far, the competition is just over half its schedule, but half of the cars have out of the rice, unfortunately, this is the evidence of the charm as well as the cruelty of the race. Regardless the harsh condition, Liri Tent has withstood the test, the camping tents from Liri Tent in Alxa Right Banner have been put into service, while another set-up-team has sent to Jiuquan on standby.

The match at 22nd Sept resumption the tournaments fighting after the first break. Starting from Camp Ejin Banner, after 277.42km of racing and 485.2km long-distance travel, the racing drivers are rushing to a new camp: Alexa Right Banner. Therefore the driver experienced the longest stage as well as the longest travel since the staring of the tournament.

And the night before, the weather suddenly changed in Ejin Banner, strong wing blown the sand into the sky and the temperature plummeted, which caused much trouble to the early-rise drivers. Fortunately, Liris tents did not influence the bad weather, which still provided a safe and comfortable environment for the tournament.

The cars gallop in the vast desert, the flying sand, and rolling pebbles together with the crying of the horses break the usual silence of the Gobi desert. The rolling dust dancing in the endless gobi which inspires the racing drivers to try their best to win this game. And meanwhile, Liri Tent will continue to escort China Grand Rally!

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