LIRI TENT is Ready For The 2016 Spring Canton Fair

Spring is here,blue sky,white cloud,green grass and blooming flowers are coming together,they are celebrating the arrival of Spring and the 119th Canton Fair. As the exclusive tents supplier since 2001,LIRI TENT has provided tents to this big event for almost 15 years. In this Spring,we are going to build over 60,000sqm in various types and sizes for the 119th Canton Fair. Including 40x60m exhibition hall tents,10x20m tents for security check and dome aisle tents. LIRI tents will supply quite comfortable and safe shelters for visitors.

At the same time,our LIRI workers are preparing for the materials of tents,from big profiles to small bolts,we must make sure there is no tiny mistake. The 60,000sqm tents must be assembled within 7 days,it’s not only a challenge for our installation team’s professional,but also a chance for us to prove the LIRI speed. We are proud of our LIRI team,for their hard work and serious attitude,their sacrifice is stimulating the continuous development of LIRI TENT.

All of us are expecting the 119th Canton Fair. LIRI tents are rising up.

Canton fair Canton fair large tent

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