Liri Tent—The Top Brand in Tent Industry after 20 years development

After last Wednesday’s release of a data from China Customs shared by the editor in Liri,again Liri Tent shows its professionalism and ability in the tent industry. The data strongly proves that Liri Tent keeps being the No.1 tent exporter in China for 20 years. At the same time,The Beauty of Made In China Committee released another data yesterday — the 30 leading enterprises in China,which has attracted widespread public attention. In this released report,Liri Tent is honored to be the leading enterprise in the tent industry of China.

Industry leader

Further increase investment in science and technology,let innovation leads the development of the enterprise

Established in 1997,Liri Tent keeps improving the manufacturing technique,and focusing on the innovation of high quality clear span tent. In 2007,Liri Tent moved into a new and larger industrial area. From then on,we further increase the investment in technical research and innovation. We are the pioneer of CNC application. Realization of the automatical drilling and cutting for aluminum alloy and PVC fabric. Achievement of higher manufacturing accuracy and quality. Besides,we are the first company in China who imported automatical washing machine from Germany. Realization of automatical washing for PVC fabrics. Dramatic improvement of productivity. Meanwhile,the innovative talents from various field are always welcome by Liri Tent. As the tent research and development center in China,Liri Tent never stop advancing. By now,Liri Tent’s research investment has reached RMB40,000,000. We have independently developed many tentage products on both the appearance and function,and gained 14 patented technology. Over two decades’ research and innovation,Liri Tent is honored to be the first “High-tech Enterprise” in the tent industry. It is Liri Tent’s responsibility to lead the China tent industry to a new chapter.

From “made in China” to “quality-assured in China”

For the consumer around the world,tents made in China are tagged with the “low-end products”,which are inferior to the ones of international level. In deed,the high-end products in the China tent industry is rare while the low-end products are the main stream. At this case,the tent industry is creeping in the hard condition of the market competition – price war. Inevitable,the ordeals for the tent industry emerges. It hinders the sustainable and healthy development of the tent industry. Under the cruel market competition,Liri Tent never gives up. As always,Liri Tent keeps forging ahead on the way to be modern industrialization,and strictly follows the international standard,management concepts,such as the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System,7S,ERP,and so on. We vigorously implement the strategy of success through quality. Therefore,we have a rapid development and won a good reputation in China,as well as around the world.

Though there is still long way to go,we will never terminate pursuit.

As the largest tent supplier,Liri tent isn’t influenced by the fierce market competition. Instead,Liri Tent is still confident about the future. We will keep moving forward and lead the China tent industry on the way to a healthy,rapid,and stable development. Keep researching,be innovative,further expand market,and become the leader in tent industry around world.


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