LIRI Tents Summer Tour in the Island

To ease stress and enrich employees life, LIRI Tent organized a group tour, visiting the famous Hebao Dao in Zhuhai for an unforgettable 2days and 1night last weekend. It began to rain when we leaving, but none of Liri employees is absent, rain or shine.

Hebao Dao is the largest beach of the island among 146 islands in Zhuhai City, whose coast is 28 kilometers length and the sea is clear and transparent. The island has a large South Bay, Booty Bay, Sweeping bay is made of eight bays, “A Long Silver Beach” is known, it has crystal clear water.Beautiful scenery, sandy beaches, reef, wave, forest, mountain stream, makes a great wonderful picture.

Arrive on the island, the sky clears up, the abnormal air fresh, sea breeze blowing immediately have a back to nature feeling.

Putting down their luggage, it is free-time activities, some walk A Long Silver Beach hand in hand, some pick up shells and build castles, other play volleyball on the beach, or go hiking Butterfly Valley for sightseeing, they enjoy island style. While bad weather in the evening, it began to rain, unable to enjoy the islands fascinating night, but LIRI guys also organized a variety of table games, everybody has a great time, listening to the song of the waves had this wonderful day. The next morning, the group organized a fun game, attracted by the M & Ms and other prizes, all LIRI guys are enormously enthusiastic.First,the “radish squatting” evolved into the “Fruit squatting”,each team by 10 people,”banana”,”mango”,”dragon”,”Little Apple” four teams of fierce competition. The next is “Run it! Two three-legged,” which tests each teams teamwork.

In Two-day & one night trip, we experience a pleasant seaside life in Hebao Dao, fully feel comfortable leisure life, achieve the purpose of relaxing to ease work pressures.

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