Make The Wasteland Become A Temporary Exhibition Hall Within 90 Days

How To Make The Wasteland Become A Temporary Exhibition Hall Within 90 Days

In 2016, “Blue Ocean science and technology” as the theme of the East Asian Commodities Fair conclude successfully in west coast new district of Qingdao city on July 28.

East Asian Commodities Fair
The temporary exhibition halls of the Commodities Fair provided by Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd, it use 40m clear span width and 8m eave height arcum double deckertent, set up four exhibition halls as the International Pavilion, China Pavilion, Shandong Pavilion, Qingdao Pavilion, bring together over 350 exhibitors, 200 product categories, 6,800 kinds of commodities from more than 20 countries and regions, with a total exhibition area size 14,000sqm, help organizers completion of the transformation from wasteland into exhibition hall efficiently.
exhibition tent
90 Days From The Desert Into Temporary Exhibition Hall

The editor learned from the project leader, the new west coast area of Qingdao – Huangdao is a wasteland before, without any buildings and facilities. In such a short time 90 days, the sand wasteland transformed into an elegant temporary exhibition hall.

tents Aluminium alloy support

The government is very wise, start from reality to find out the accurate localization, avoid the exhibition halls become the image project. Using the fabricated mobile trade show tents from Liri Tent company, not only doesn’t destroy the stadium land but also suitable for different scales of the exhibition.

indoor tent
Temporary Trade Show Tent Has Become The New Norm Of The Exhibition Industry
With the rapid development of the Internet, China’s exhibition industry has made rapid progress and great achievements.
However, some cities construction the stadiums didn’t consider the scientific planning and overall layout of the stadium construction site, blind construction of the venues, not only increased the cost of stadiums construction, as well as wasted lots of effective utilization of city space. As the exhibition hall expand the scale of construction,  it presents a low utilization rate, developing excess capacity and other issues. Therefore, the fabricated aluminum trade show tent has become the new norm of the exhibition industry.

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