Mobile “Castle” Liri Tent

Mobile “Castle” Liri Tent

People were longing for Hal’s mobile castle when they were children. However, this longing has been turned into reality. The invention of mobile structure, have greatly reduced the cost of construction and revolutionized the development of real estate. Mobile tent from Liri Tent is like a container which is regarded as the modular and stable tent house.

liri tent

What are the advantages of mobile tent house?

Firstly, the biggest advantage of mobile tent house is that it can be assembled and dismantled easily. Whether it is for party or wedding held at home garden or prairie, as long as with enough space, Liri tent can build a temporary space to meet customers’ needs within a short time. The mobile tent can be used for a banquet at a time. What’s more, it can be dismantled and stored for application next time. It will not only save costs but also greatly reduce the waste rate of resources. It is economic and environmental friendly.

Secondly, in order to make the tent to be reusable, Liri tent adopts high-density construction materials, which can not only make the structure to be stronger but also prolong the tent’s lifespan. Thanks to its sturdy structure, it can be delivered from one site to another site without special protective measures, which can greatly reduce the cost of transportation.

In addition, inner space of mobile tent is the same as the ordinary residence, which also can place household items and furniture, even served as a temporary habitation.

mobile tent

With the development of design concept and maturity of technology for tent, as well as the performances of high-quality aluminum and light steel structure tents, the tent also can be recognized as leisure place, to let the body and mind liberated after work. Besides for residence and business activities applications, tent house is a space that customers can design and use by themselves. Horizontal and vertical standard tent takes the modern architecture, interesting and flexible modular structure, simultaneously, it is like a game which is full of innocence fun. Tent house shows its simplicity but uniqueness of the mobile structure.

mobile castle

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