Modular Glamping Box Introduce Video

In this video, we show you a series of modular box products, which are Liri Tent’s new tent products. The modular box has a high-end and fashion look, it is easy to catch people’s eyes. The modular boxes are available in various colors and sizes(2.3-12 meters). In terms of materials, Liri adopts the high-strength aluminum alloy frame, double-layer PVC fabric, and glass walls. After the double-layer fabric is inflated, the modular box will plump up, which is not only good-looking but also has the function of heat insulation. What’s more, the modular boxes can be used individually, or multiple units can be connected to expand the usable space, and the number of combinations can be determined independently by customers. The modular box has multiple functions, such as restaurants, cafes, dessert shops, stores, exhibition halls, temporary offices, temporary reception halls, etc. Get a tent can help you realize a variety of spatial uses, whether it is in a city or a town, it can be quickly installed and used, helping you quickly solve the trouble of expensive rent and difficulty in finding a suitable location for starting your business.

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  1. I love this
    I need a tent for church auditorium with capacity of 1000 people in Abuja, Nigeria


  2. What the cost for 10 pic of these tent glamping box . All colors

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