New Age For Gymnasium: Mobile Sports Tent

New Age For Gymnasium: Mobile Sports Tent

In recent years, tents are widely used in the sports field. Because of its large space, high availability can be mobile, pro-environment, energy saving and short construction period, sports tent is arising to be the main aspect of the gymnasium.


LIRI Tent offers sports tent with modular architectural structure. It can be resized on the basis of land area and scale which clients need. Ease of installation, disassemble fastly and also you can extend and removal at will in the future. As a mobile sports tent and temporary gymnasium, it offers an appropriate place for sports fans to do exercises and save time, trouble and worry.


As a supplier of sports tent for basketball gymnasium this time, LIRI tent combine sports tent and basketball hall, remaining function of basketball gymnasium in the meanwhile, inset function of the tent. This will be popular new pattern basketball indoor hall.


In the clearing, LIRI tent built up a 40 by 40 meters fabricated intelligentized basketball gymnasium. It is set up as standard basketball indoor hall internally. As you can see, it use sports floor instead of normal one which makes more decent. In addition, compositive toilets and function rooms like changing rooms are provided inside. The roof is semi-transparent. You can see clearly even without lights, at the same time, the roof can protect your body from UV. The most important is that this basketball tent will ensure game weatherproof.


LIRI mobile multifunctional sports tent will be your best choice if you want to hold indoor football match outdoors. LIRI multifunctional sports tent includes a series of temporary and permanent modularized solutions. No matter you want football, badminton, table tennis, swimming, basketball, tennis or other indoor activities, LIRI will meet your demand. Let’s hold athletics and ball games without considering seasons.


LIRI Tent, your trusted partner for construction and operation integrative solutions of offering a fabricated and intelligentized gym.\

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