Non Standard Marquee & Customer Design Tents By Liri Tent

The regular side height of Liri Tents is 4m, but if the tents are used for cultural and sports activities, the height is obviously not enough, so we can make the height to be 5m/6m or more accordingly.

Usually, the tents with standard designs are without a verandah, in order to expand the space and protect from the rain and sunshine, the verandah also can be added for you.

Regarding the sidewalls. Conventionally, glass panels are used for a whole side completely. Actually, the tents can be closer to a concrete house. For example, two walls are closed, and the rest two walls are with glass windows, they can be opened and closed at random. Such a user-friendly design, not only looks more beautiful in appearance but also enhances the air permeability and ventilation performance dramatically!

Various shapes and styles are available for Liri Tents,including dome/arcum,high peak,curved,polygonal(hexagonal,octagonal,decagonal,dodecagonal),and the combination between the polygonal tents and high peak tents. Multiple tents can make your activities more elegant, special tents can explain different fascination!

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