One Stop Service For Tent Rental From LIRI Can Meet All Your Requirements

In regard to outdoor temporary activities, large-scale exhibitions and temporary storages and so on, more and more people are interested in tent rental services. However, if you are not familiar with tents, choosing the right ones will make you rather annoyed. There are too many various tent styles and supporting facilities. Even the same style tent but with different supporting facilities also can affect the entire event.

As the first and largest tent manufacturer in China, Liri Tent owns quite rich and sufficient rental resources and has been enjoying the top position in domestic tent field. Liri Tent not only provided tent rental services but also offers perfect matching facilities, integrated production, installation and disassembly services, which can make the whole process to be easier and faster.

The supporting facilities which provided by LIRI are quite complete and varied. Air-conditionings must be equipped in summer. There are multifarious types that includes central duct air-conditioning, central directed blowing air-conditioning, cabinet air-conditioning etc.. Furthermore, flooring systems, linings, curtains, lightings, furniture and other decorations can be adopted according to different types of tents. Wow, the tent looks so elegant and romantic!

One-stop tent rental services from Liri Tent can meet your all kinds of requirements. It not only contains air-conditioning system, flooring system, varied furniture, but also glass wall system, AB S hard wall system, glass door, fi re glass door, lining, curtain, weight cage, automatic rolling shutter, steel plate for warehouses etc.

equipment One stop Service For Tent The floor equipment liri tent interior

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