Liri Tent Supports 2016 China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition

On 18th November, the 14th China International Automobile Exhibition was officially opened in Guangzhou China. As the last big event of the auto industry in 2016, the scale of this show is 220,000sqm, and there are 80 new car models come into the market, including SAIC-Volkswagen Tremont, Land Rover new discovery, BMW 1 Series Multiple models and so on. Liri offers various size tents, iron railings and telescopic balustrades which are widely used for the ticket office, security checkpoint, ticket inspection, media accreditation office, car exhibition channel, access control, garbage room and so on.

China International Automobile Exhibition

Clear span big Tents used for Autocar show starts a new experience. To create a grand outdoor Autocar show, we have to take care of many factors, such as weather, space, electricity and so on. The tents from Liri Tent are not only beautiful, but also have no limit on the venue and weather, and it brings you a new experience.
By right of many years of experience and good reputation in this tent industry, Liri offers clear span 3m ~60m outdoor aluminum tent and we have been cooperating with BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti and other top brands auto suppliers, which creates a lot of grand auto shows all over China.

outdoor autocar show

Liri adopts high-strengthed aluminum alloy frame and fire-retardant PVC fabric to manufacture clear span 3m to 80m tents for the various auto show, various shape available, such as the standard A shape, high peak, dome, curve, multi-site and so on. All these auto show tents can be installed on the sites without restrictions, no matter the land is lawn, beach or concrete, guarantee 100% of the space utilization;

International Automobile Exhibition tent

Liri provides various accessories, such as the wood flooring, glass walls, glass doors, air conditioners and many other ancillary facilities and also provides personalized customization to meet customers’ requirements.

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