Pan Delta Super Racing Festival Ended With Success.

2016 Pan Delta Super Racing Festival (Spring Race) was ended on March 20. Exotic Melaka Cultural Festival, exciting Red Bull Drifting Battle, magnificent Circuit Hero series as well as amazing Superbike, rare Asian Formula Renault Contest and so on. The site of Pan Delta Spring Race leaved fans countless happy memories and full of expectations for the next season.

Pan Delta Super Racing always adheres to the form of racing festival to service car fans. From the organization of the race, it covers the wonderful events’ combinations of the Civilian Circuit Hero, the most professional Asian Formula, the most exciting Superbike Race and the most attractive Red Bull Drifting Battle to bring fans a real super feast. As for the visual effect on the games, this Spring Race had undoubtedly achieved the expected effect.

Pan Delta Super Racing has been basing in civilian racing. The development of Circuit Hero series is a successful case for civilian racing. After 13 years’ efforts, the Pan Delta Super Racing and its Circuit Hero has become a highest-rated race to the competitors for its largest audience, most comprehensive system and the highest speed. However, the Pan Delta people didn’t stop for the success, but seek more innovation on civilians to make the racing as a fundamental to achieve comprehensive development and new success on the society, business and culture. The new released upgrade project of Zhuhai International Circuit is a new development on this concept.

circuit tent

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