Please Accept This Wish for The Start of Work

With the first sound of firecrackers, Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd (Zhuhai) officially opened the first working day of the year. Before the start of work, the General Manager wished all colleagues good luck by handing out red packets to everyone.

And then, the General Manager summarized the seemingly impossible challenges of Liri Tent in the past year, including the establishment of a glamping tent brand named Moxuanju and various successful cases in sports arena tents area. Besides, under the effort of our members, we had completely installed a series of sports event tents covered an area of 80,000 sqm for Airshow China. And achieved a total rental area of 900,000 square meters for the whole year of 2018. Under the bad economic environment, we still maintained our previous achievements and got a substantial increase. This is the result of the joint efforts of all colleagues. This year, we should keep a good mentality and efforts, work for our goals with aspirations to gain more unexpected achievements and progress.

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