Solar Tent Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Tents

Solar tent a few years ago may be fantasy. Now, public awareness to promote the development of alternative sources of energy, fabric manufacturers and scientists, the research and development of new materials and new technology, so that the increase in solar tents and tarpaulins widely to promote this technology will lead to a future full of vigor and energy efficient.

The solar tent is the use of solar components and lightweight thin-film photovoltaic technology to convert solar energy into energy, the supply tents lighting, use of all kinds of home appliances, such as mobile phone charging notebook Internet supply. Commonly used in the wild outside activities, convenient camping. Especially in the military use of more reflect its superiority. The U.S. military has developed a new type of solar tents, tents at the top are covered with a layer of soft thin film amorphous silicon, rather than rigid solar panels, and can be easily folded up. According to the size of the area of its laying, power generation ranging from 800 watts to 3,000 watts. Able to meet the daily power consumption of the troops in the desert and abundant sunshine Strip. Although the details of this technology have not been revealed, its prospects are very bright.

If this technology can be widely used in Tent products, so that not only can reduce dependence on traditional energy sources of tents, make tents more freedom structures, nothing can make full use of resources, environmental protection, and energy saving, and can adapt to future market the demand.

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