Spherical Dome Tent When Tents Meet Art

Cartoonist Akira Toriyama’s “Dragon Ball” up to now still be regarded as a classic, the buildings in the cartoon, including the large dome houses. People generally believe that these strange round buildings compared with the traditional square is less stable. But some studies show that the stability of the arched dome building stronger, more secure living, can help people reduce losses in natural disasters.

Richard Buckminster Fuller is a famous American building mechanics and engineers, Canada 1967 Montreal World Expo USA Pavilion is designed to become a 20-story high dome by Fuller, affectionately called “Fuller Ball “. It was since then, spherical building began to catch on in the world, has been in the ascendant.

Nowadays, the circular building not only used in construction, IRI’s spherical dome tent design concept is also derived from this. LIRI spherical dome tent is made of special high-strength steel, zinc plated or painted, the roof cover uses the PVC fabric, can be equipped with glass doors, sizes radius 8m,10m,15m,20m,25m,30m. Its strong and convenient structural advantages and unique node design greatly enhances the structural stability so as to ensure that the tents have outstanding performance under any extreme weather conditions.

Spherical dome tents create the perfect solution for your special event. Spherical tent design which is widely used in various large-scale exhibitions, celebrations, outdoor activities also comes from here. It’s unique and beautiful modeling,changefulfabric design style makes this product as the first choice for the high-end users who advocate high quality and love to reveal their brand of charm.

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