Sports Event Tent

Sports event tents have special widths, lengths and different roof heights. Not only does it can provide enough space for security checking spots and lounge for athletes and referees but it also enables you to make maximum use of sports court structures. No matter the weather is, our sporting event tents can make sure all matches carried out smoothly as scheduled.

Depending on the size of the field, you can use sports tents to build sports fields of different sizes. It can make better use of the idle space in the city, includes tennis court, basketball court, swimming pool, badminton hall, martial arts museum, etc. What’s more, they are green, repeatable, removable, fast, and so on. The cost of sports event tents is lower than traditional concrete buildings. It encourages people to exercise more and more.

Pagoda Tent for Sports Event

As more and more international sports events were held, Liri Tent manufactures various kinds of pagoda tents for sports events to meet all our client needs.

Clear Roof Event Tent for WBC Boxing

The WBC World Boxing Championship was held in the Liri clear roof event tent. invited the world boxing champion Tyson and Holyfield as the event guests.

Outdoor Event Tent for National Games of China

Liri Tent will provide about 40,000 square meters outdoor event tents in the National Games that near the dozens of events venues.

Sailing Regatta Sports Event Tents

Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd. provided professional boat sailing sports event tent installation and maintenance services.

Sports Event Tent for 2015-2017 WTA Tennis

As the exclusive sports tent supplier for WTA ELITE TROPHY, LIRI TENT provide many different kinds of event tents such as multi-side tents.

Temporary Sports Halls

Liri Tent can offer sports event tents for basketball hall, badminton stadium, volleyball stadium, swimming pool, football court and so on.

Modular Sports Arena

Modular sports arena tent is the most flexible big tent structure, it has infinite possibilities, the span from 10 meters to 60 meters.

Removable Stadium Structure Tent

Removable sports event tent can be flexibly assembled and removed according to the usage requirements such as outdoor tennis hall.

Sports Event Tents For China Grand Rally

The sports event tents were mainly used as race command center, media center, lounge and medical centers as well as catering for the players and staff.

Skating Rink Tent

Sports event tent for skating rink as a removable stadium, not only for ball games but also can be used for skating rink field.

Pool Tent Cover for Swimming Pool Shades

Compared to the same period of time in terms of construction work, it cost less time to set up a sports event tent for swimming pool.

Basketball Court Cover Tent for Sports Stadium

Our basketball court cover sports tent is very easy to transport and install on the site without any special requirement.