Tent Rental and Tent Assembling

1.      Prospecting ground situation
There is no special ground condition requirement for tent assembling. It could be mud, lawn, asphalt, concrete ground, etc. For the big outdoor event with a large stream of people, the flat ground condition is preferred to ensure the security of tent event.
Prospecting ground situation:1. Surface features. 2. Surroundings. Whether there are buildings or trees affect the assembling. 3. Supporting facilities. Electricity and water supplies. 4. Security.
According to the ground situation prospecting, it is able to decide which fixation way to adapt to the structure. Usually, there are three types of fixation. 1. Inflatable bolt 2. Ground anchor 3. Weight plate

2.      Measuring on site

When confirming the site of tent assembling, Liri engineer will be on site to take measuring. The main data including the length, width of the ground, the surface needed to adjust to meet the flat requirement, and buildings or trees that need to avoid. After measuring, Liri engineer will provide a tent assembling drawing to the event organizer, and discuss the floor plan. When confirmed, Liri will provide an assembling plan.

3.      Specify tent use period
The tent use period is from assembling starts to dismantle. When the period was confirmed, Liri will plan on the materials and crew arrival time. For any of the activities, usually, the tent should be set up before other decoration starts to avoid any inconvenience that might cause.

4.      Preparing Rental materials

When confirmed the size, series of the tent, and the assembling period, Liri warehouse staff should prepare the rental materials. These works including PVC fabric cleaning, packing, counting, connection parts cleaning, fixation way prepare, also the supporting facilities like A/C, lighting, flooring, and carpet.

5.      Transportation

Tent transportation requires extra length truck. To ensure the safety of tent transportation, we look after the logistics for you. Usually, we work with a reliable logistic company for a long-term relationship. The logistics company truck arrived at Liri plant to load the tent materials, counting must be finished before truck leave the plant. Since the transportation cost is an extra cost during a rental activity, this term would specify in the contract.

6. Time Frame of Tent Assemble
According to the assemble period, tent size, and the ground condition, Liri would make a construction plan. The construction team leaders would follow the plan to process. During the assembling period, workers should wear a safety helmet, protective suit, and shoes, follow the safety rules and planned working schedule to ensure the construction process going smoothly. Other people should keep out of the site.
Generally, the span size of tent affects the difficulties of tent assemble, and affect the length of the construction period. Please find the tent assemble schedule form as below.
Span Size
Day (10 workers 8 hours/day)
30 hours
3 days
40 hours
4 days
50 hours
5 days
60 hours
6 days
70 hours
7 days

7.      Tent maintenance during the period
For safety concern, Liri will assign staff on duty during the tent rental period to provide maintenance. Including tent structure check, screw reinforces, interface seal check, inner circuit, and lighting detect. When encounter heavy rain weather, maintenance including reinforcing the whole structure, and rain gutter check to avoid water accumulating.

8.       Tent disassemble

After the event finished, Liri worker will start to disassemble the tent. Time needed to disassemble is similar to what it takes to assemble. Please refer to the assemble schedule form as a reference. Tent disassemble will be that last thing to take down on site after the move out of furniture, stage, lighting, audio equipment, and etc. The parts and PVC fabric will be count and pack before loading to the truck and ship back to Liri plant. The whole rental process is finished.

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