Tent Rental Market Has Broad Prospects

Alu-PVC Tents may be for many customers do not know much about, but tents are very popular in Europe and the United States, with the increase in domestic economic development and large-scale outdoor activities, also increasing the use of tents, tents began to be more The person familiar with. The main application of the tents exhibition tents,sporting events,tents,temporary storage tents,outdoor wedding with tents,activities,celebration tents,outdoor leisure tents,other (hospitality consulting at the VIP lounge hall,the field of seminars,news center,dining area,conference hall,the opening ceremony,the shuttle site,branding,Oktoberfest,fashion shows,banquets,garden receptions,cultural and recreational activities,traveling exhibitions,staff restaurant,kiosk,golf course) .

In social activities, large gatherings are often frequent use of tents, canopy listings in Europe, which is different from ordinary tents, it is equivalent to a temporary building safe, reliable, fast and flexible structures for different types of venues. Disassembly convenient, easy to transport, and portfolio diversification. It is because of these tents characteristics determine the temporary tents demand sexual Tent unlike other consumer products as rigid demand, tents only be used when the need is exhausted its users on the meaning of existence, many companies do not want to buy to get the use of tents to meet their temporary space needs,but by leasing tents, tent rental industry was born.

Alu-PVC tents in the leasing industry developed European and American countries have been very popular and very mature product, and has Tent ancillary facilities and other ancillary services, has formed a complete industrial. Tents industry in China has just started, Tent rental is a little-known concept in the country. According to experts, the price of the rental tents just buy 1/10 to 1/8 of the Tent price is quite a bargain for some temporary activities. As Chinas economy is booming, experts domestic Tent rental market is expected to be 4 million square meters a year, the lease will amount to more than 500 million yuan.

Alu-PVC tents lease both to users and to reduce a lot of the economic burden, at the same time due to the fast and high-quality service to the customer’s convenience and peace of mind to enjoy both to society and to save resources, and the economic income for themselves. Tent rental has broad market prospects in the domestic economy is booming, Tent rental market will be the direction of more and more standardized.

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