Tents for Real Estate Opening Ceremony

The aluminum and PVC tents that are designed and produced by Liri Tent are known as Movable Estate, and they are called European style tents by some people. Nowadays, the real estate industry has been overwhelming, each opening ceremony means one grand bloom.

Tents for Real Estate Opening Ceremony have been the most prevalent marketing programs. Warm and harmonious outdoor environment can make every owner to truly enjoy VIP honor.

As the largest, most professional and influential Tent Company in China, Zhuhai Liri Tent has sold and rented a large quantity high-quality tents to various Real Estate Opening Ceremonies.

Regarding the rental services, tents construction solutions and works are free for Real Estate opening celebration. When the installation is going on, we can provide emergency additions or modification solutions to cope with the changes in your activities. Providing the perfect rental service for your whole activities process and creating high-quality real estate projects with you are our purpose.

The whole sales tracking service for some large real estate giants will be provided, who already purchased or are considering to purchase the tents for opening ceremony before, scientific solution and feedback are available in the first time. Meanwhile, in order to meet your individual requirements, we also can provide personalized and non-standard tents, which can be compatible quite well with your real estate business.

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