The 111th Canton Fair Partner Liri Tent Used lighting Protection

The 111th Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) phase 1 successfully ends on April 18th in the afternoon. As the long-term tent supplier for Canton Fair, Zhuhai Liri Tent technology provided 15,000 square meters for the outdoor exhibition hall with a 40m span and an eave height of 6m. 1,000 square meters were used for other functional facilities.

The 111th Canton Fair pavilion was hit by a thunderstorm which covered the whole area. During this period, Guangzhou announced a red alert in the area three times.

According to Mr. Yu, Liri’s onsite representative, the severe weather was common during this season in southern China. So to ensure the safety of people and goods, Liri used Lightning-protection for all the outdoor exhibition hall tents and installed lightning rids on the ridge, gable role, and up-right poles of tents. At the same time, Liri has improved the drainage system of the tent by adding a drain pipe at every 10m inside the tent. All these improvements guaranteed the smooth process of the Canton Fair.

As the tent supplier and partner of the Canton Fair for ten years. They know that they can trust us and our products.

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