The 19th Qingdao Beer Festival

The 19th Qingdao International Festival was open on August 15th and finished on the 30th of August. It attracted 17 international famous beer manufacturers from 11 nations with a total of 102 beer brands. It also attracted a total of 2.4 million visitors. Over 660 tons of beer was consumed at the event. This record may only happen in Qingdao. This beer festival is a really good promotion for Qingdao tourism and other related industries. It has brought another golden week for Qingdao City. The long history of Qingdao and beer have connected here and has built a bridge between Qingdao and its visitors around the world. The theme “Qingdao cheers with the world” is an excellent interpretation of Qingdao on its road to international glory. Liri Tent has presented its Marquee tents to the festival before and has many different sizes of tents. Liri Tent has given over 10,000m2 of tents to the festival. The relationship between Liri Tent and the Qingdao Beer Festival will continue to grow and offer excellence to those all over the world in the near future.

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