The Arrows from LIRI Never Miss The Target

The Arrows from LIRI Never Miss The Target

In this busy Autumn, some major domestic and international events have been held at the same time, including 2016 China Airshow, 2016 WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai, the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Halloween Haunted House, Macau Business Aviation Exhibition, the 120thCanton Fair and the Hong Kong Wine Festival and so on.

international events tent

A Type Tent

As the leading aluminum tent supplier in China, LIRI TENT has provided around 150,000 SQM tents for these big events, including Pagoda Tent, A Type Tent, Arcum Tent, Double Decker Tent etc., they are widely be used as temporary exhibition halls, registration halls, restaurants, ticketing halls, parking lots, dormitories, business centers, VIP lounges, temporary offices, logistics warehouses, souvenir shops and so on.

event tent

exhibition tent

It’s a big challenge for LIRI TENT to make sure all events be in progress smoothly at the same time. Time is very tight, LIRI TENT has worked out a reasonable schedule for labors and materials for all projects, so the 150,000 tents can be under construction synchronously, as the scientific arrangement of installation workers and production workshops, all events can be held without any delay and perfectly.

Aluminium alloy support

tnet Set up

Nowadays, the Airshow China and 2016 WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai are running, the eyes from all over the world are attracted, the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Halloween Haunted House has started the business, the 120th Canton Fair and the Hong Kong Wine Festival are near the end, the Macau Business Aviation Exhibition is coming soon, all of the events are in accordance with the schedule. As the leader of aluminum tent industry, we have overcome hundreds of difficulties, LIRI TENT had beaten this challenge.


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