The Charm of Liri Tent, China Grand Rally Starts at the Bird’s Nest

On the 15th morning, with flags fluttering, drums sounding on the Beijing Bird’s Nest,2013 China Grand Rally held a grand departure ceremony at the Birds Nest National Stadium, CCTV5 made an entire journey direct seeding for this event, which is the largest and longest-distance cross-country race ever held by Chinese people.

As the Official tent supplier for China Grand Rally, Zhuhai Liri Tent Co., Ltd. provided professional tent services for this huge event.

Liri Tent provided full service for this Rally, mainly with the tents for the opening ceremony and secure points, right now the tents in the first leg of this Rally–Hohhot are fully operational.    The Hohhot racecourse camp is divided into the dining area, a salon area, merchandise areas, news center, information center, wash area, camping area, etc. When the night fell and the lights were shining, the charm of Liri Tent was praised and spoken highly of by numerous racing teams and the media.

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