The exciting moments of 2023

Chen Li, Chairman of Liri, was awarded the Excellent Private Entrepreneur of Zhuhai.

On November 1st, 2023, at the Zhuhai Excellent Private Enterprises and Excellent Private Entrepreneurs Commendation Conference, Chen Li, the Chairman of Liri Architecture Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., was awarded the title of “Zhuhai Excellent Private Entrepreneur”.

20231223m (3)Building Liri with strength and Leading the tent industry into a stage of high-quality development.

Liri Architecture Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. was awarded the the title of “Specialized, Refined, Unique, and New small and Medium sized Enterprise” and “Innovative Small and Medium sized Enterprise” in Guangdong Province for the year 2023.

20231223m (4)Break through technical difficulties, Liri develop a 45 meter large span aluminum alloy electric push-pull roof structure.
Liri has broken through technical difficulties and developed an aluminum alloy electric retractable roof structure with a net span of 45 meter, which has been put it into practical application throughout the country, ushering in the era of sports venues 2.0.

20231223m (1)
Awarded as the tent supplier for large-scale events of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games

Liri has provided high-quality temporary tents for the entire event, covering an area of 30,000 square meters and covering 20 venues including Hangzhou, Jinhua, Ningbo, Wenzhou, fully supporting the events of Hangzhou Asian Games.

20231223m (5)
Awarded as the tent supplier for the 31st Chengdu Universiade

After the cooperation with the Shenzhen Universiade , Liri Architecture Technology has once again cooperated with the Chengdu Universiade to provide a one-stop temporary sport event tents solution for this international event.

20231223m (6)
The completion of air dome comprehensive sports gymnasium opens up a new intelligent space to promote green and sustainable development of the city.

The air dome comprehensive sport gymnasium has multiple characteristics such as low cost, fast construction, easy building permit approval, and detachable, achieving 24-hour intelligent operation and creating an all-weather comprehensive sports stadium.

20231223m (7)Provide over 70,000sqm of tent roof spray design to enhance service experience.

As a temporary tent supplier for the Canton Fair for 22 consecutive years, we provide more than 70,000sqm of tents twice a year. In order to enhance the better tent service experience , a spray painted logo advertisement has added to the roof cover for the current Canton Fair, and as an exhibitor, we participated in offline/online activities of the Canton Fair, showing the charm of Chinese tents to the world.

20231223m (17)
2023 China Outdoor Sports Industry Conference, Liri provides nearly 20,000sqm of exhibition tents

Liri has prepared nearly 20,000sqm of exhibition tents for four series of events, including the National Automobile (RV) Double Camp Rally, the “Green Mountains and Rivers” series competition, the Erhai Lake Cycling Race, and the Dali Hiking Race.

20231223m (8)Continuous cooperated with 2023 China Open tennis tournament for six consecutive sessions.

In this competition, Liri provided hundreds of sports event tents for the venue, and brought two patented products, the modular tent and capsule tent, to welcome old friends with a brand new appearance.

20231223m (9)Exclusive tent supplier for six consecutive 2023 Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters Tournament

Accompanied for six consecutive sessions, a brand new tent design scheme with a 75m mixed tent was unveiled on site. In just 3 days, Liri completed the installation of all the tents and ancillary facilities on site safely and efficiently.

20231223m (10)Liri prefabricated mobile sports tent has been upgraded in multiple aspects and has been completed in various parts of China.

Liri Sports Tent is constantly leading the industry, actively creating demand for users, and upgrading materials in terms of PVC fabric, walls, and interior decoration. 75mm double-sided aluminum foil fiber cloth insulating glass wool maintains a constant indoor temperature, achieving a better body feel and enhancing user experience.

20231223m (2)
Indoor constant temperature design throughout the four seasons to create an all-weather semi permanent swimming pool.
This project is a customized product for customers. The roof cover adopts a double-layer PVC, and the interior adopts PVC fabric combined with double-layered insulated cotton to maintain the constant temperature in the swimming pool throughout the year, also equipped with a fresh air system, it’s an all-weather, semi permanent swimming pool.

20231223m (11)
2023 Classic hotel cases and Featured hotel camps were completed around the country
In 2023, special hotel campsites have successively established in various regions. Not affected by any ground environmental factors, shows the elegance of various glamping tents with different shapes.

20231223m (14)
Breaking the homogenization phenomenon in the market with multiple different products, experiencing different shape glamping tents.

20231223m (15)
Dozens of glamping tents with different designs, each has its own charm, are built for different environments and needs, to be various unique glamping tent campsites.

20231223m (16)The 2nd Little Red Book “go wild festival” and Dare Glamping join hands to unlock a safe and comfortable outdoor adventure experience.

Participate in the Little Red go wild festival, showing TIPI tents and bamboo Tipi tents that are more vibrant and natural in their pursuit of returning to simplicity.

20231223m (13)Alashan desert Challenge shows new heights in the wild, and the original Tipi tent became a highlight on site!

Using event tents, Bamboo Tipi tents, and Tipi glamping tents as shading, reception, entertainment, cultural and creative, restaurants, sales, etc,we have completed a series of supporting facilities for outdoor large-scale activities.

20231223m (12)
Our initial intention is not endless, we will work together towards the future
Every step forward of Liri is a forward-looking approach of the times, injecting new vitality into the industry. We have been running, adhering to the path of independent innovation, achieving high-quality development of the enterprise, and creating value for customers and society.
The year 2023 is coming to an end, each year having its own scenery and every moment is a precious memory. Time is orderly
Let’s live in a better era.
Meet a Better Liri Architecture Technology Together.

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