The Fire Drills and Training of Liri Tent

Last week, the fire drills and training had hold successfully by Human Resource Department. It was aimed at the whole company. Through fire-fighting knowledge explanation, case analysis and skill exercises, which allows all the employees have a certain knowledge of fire-fighting and escape skills, improving the security awareness to ensure the safety of life and property.

After training, all the staff moved to the open space in our factory, divided by group, practicing the operation of the extinguisher repeatedly, to ensure that everyone is practiced by how to put the fire out by the extinguisher rapidly.

As everyone knows, fire protection is a complex system engineering, it’s difficult to achieve the goal and mission by fire department only. Each member must be pushed by carrying out fire-safety education and training to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations in accordance with law.

Liri Tent attaches great importance to this fire training. It is definitely not a superficial form. To be effective, in-depth management, only every of them is carried out.

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