The Flexible Hex Tent, a Perfect Space Solution

The latest Marquees by Liri Tent are the perfect space solution for your next event. Characterized by their unique shapes and rooflines, the range goes beyond the standard A-Frame design and will offer something new for events-in-tents.
The Arcum Tent is modular in design with a curved roof and a ten-meter profile and a 2.6m side height which will offer the ultimate in-space functionality. With solid walls or glass finish, the Arcum Tent is ideal for chalet lines, corporate events, feature areas, or weddings. The Hex Tent is the second addition to the range. The tent is a hexagonal shaped structure designed for flexibility in its design and use.
The Hex is offered as a stand-alone feature area or can be integrated with Liri Tent’s Uniflex tents. It is also ideal for product launches, pop-ups, weddings, and special events.

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