The Future of Clear Span Tent Technology

Solar clearspan fabric panels: Clearspan fabric panels integrated with flexible solar panels that pull into the leader channels on aluminum clearspan rafters would allow a clearspan tent to provide power for an event as well as shelter. The challenges are that the solar clearspan panels weigh more, require special handling and cost more because they provide a double function.

Government subsidies and rebates are available for permanent solar panel installations, which helps to make them financially viable. Temporary clearspan installations with solar fabric panels provide the same renewable energy that permanent ones do, and should also be qualified to receive this type of support. Industry support would help in this pursuit.

Arched clearspan rafters: Clearspans with arched rafters are entering the marketplace as well as clearspans with inclined, straight after. They take up more space on a truck, and there is a premium in the purchase price. However, they are more elegant from engineering and visual standpoints, which should help expand the market.

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