“The Hidden Champion” “Aesthetic of Made in China” Interview

In China, tent manufacturing is an emerging industry which is rarely known to the public. As the “hidden champion” of domestic tent manufacturing industry, Zhuhai Liri Tent has been committed to extending “Made in China” to the world, and attempting to keep abreast of the long-term prestigious “Made in Germany”.
“We are somehow the rabbit with running wolfs chasing for”,said Mr. Tian Lee,the vice-manager of Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co.,Ltd to the correspondent of the magazine “New Economy”,when taking the exclusive interview in the office,located in Xinqing Science & Technology Industrial Park,Doumen District,Zhuhai city.
Mr. Tian Lee revealed very modestly by likening the brand Liri to the running rabbit. Actually, as the earliest, largest and most professional aluminum tent manufacturer, as well as one company devoted to the self-designing, manufacturing, selling and renting of aluminum tents, Liri Tent has kept first prize of export volume for three consecutive years. The current reserve of aluminum tents for rental amounts to over 500,000 square meters, ranging half of the total volume of tents in stock in China.

As far as 6 years ago, Liri Tent started to expand its overseas business. But the tents are derived from Germany companies. “Once the topic ‘Made in China” and ‘Made in Germany’ are referred, the majority of the public will hold the idea that there will be a huge gap between them in terms of quality and pricing.”  Apart from that, tents are always categorized to large temporary and constructional structure, accidents will happen if we are not meticulous enough. Therefore, clients will be more cautious in the choice.
Meanwhile, much more attention will be fixed on the details of the product according to foreign clients. There are even occasions when foreign clients fingering to the inconspicuous screws on tents and directly asked Mr. Tian Lee,“Why do you adopt screws which will get rusty in a few months’ time?” The somehow demanding clients motivated the company to improve quality and optimize the details of the products without slacking off for one moment. Gradually, the clients who have been used to the tents from Germany companies started to kick off a try from Liri Tent. Through the effect of good reputation prevailed by the clients, the company successfully entered the international market. From 2011 to 2013, the overseas sales of the company has doubled. And today, the tents from Liri Tent have been exported to nearly 100 countries worldwide, which accounts for 60 to 70 percent of the overall sales.

As the leader in aluminum tent industry, Liri Tent encounters the feeling of increasing pressure of competition. “The domestic tent industry will face reshuffle. The market is huge that it is almost impossible to get monopolized. Thus we welcome and enjoy competition, as it also brings in the motivation to be the vanguard of this industry. When exchanging ideas with foreign counterparts, we noticed that the profit they have been made is in a horizontal line. In the domestic market, we also advocate benign competition and veto scrimmage in terms of pricing of the tents.”

In spite of the changes taken place in the overall atmosphere of the market, Liri Tent consistently thinks of preserving the quality of the products as the soul of the company. “Our biggest wish is that when it comes to the topic of ‘Made in China’, we will feel proud that it precedes ‘Made in Germany’. We hope that Liri Tent will be among the outstanding representatives of ‘Made in China’. ” Mr. Tian Lee holds many expectations for the nearing future.

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